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Field service manager map

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Field service manager map

The Field Service manager map shows the locations of the agents in the manager's assignment groups as well as nearby tasks.

Users with the wm_manager role can use the manager map to view agents and tasks and assign agents to task. The manager map is available for both the desktop interface and the mobile interface. For the mobile manager map, users can also open the map legend. The manager map uses icons to display:
  • Accepted, assigned, and unassigned tasks
  • Agent status, including on schedule, off schedule, and delayed
  • Multiple tasks
  • Multiple agents
Figure 1. Field Service Manager Map mobile interface legend
Field Service Manager Map mobile interface legend

To filter the information displayed on the manager map, click the filter icon in the map header and select the desired work group or agent and assigned or unassigned tasks.

From the manager map, managers can:
  • Assign or reassign a work order task by opening the task and selecting a user in the Assigned to field.
  • View task information by clicking a task icon.
  • View details about an agent at a particular location by clicking the agent icon.