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Select Appointment window

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Select Appointment window

When booking or rescheduling an appointment for a service, use the Select Appointment pop-up window to view available appointment time slots, select the desired day and time, and submit the appointment request.

In the Select Appointment pop-up window, users see appointment availability based on the configurations created for the application and the selected service. This configuration can include:
  • Whether the window shows available appointments in a day or week view
  • The length of the appointment windows (for example, 2 hours)
  • The start and end times for the appointment windows
  • The number of appointments available per day
Figure 1. Select Appointment pop-up window
Select Appointment pop-up window

A read-only field at the top of the window displays the currently selected day or week. Use the arrows or the calendar icon at the top of the window to display different dates. Unavailable appointment windows are grayed out and not selectable.

The time zone used for appointment is displayed in the lower corner of the window.
  • If the selected location for the service has an associated time zone, that time zone is used.
  • If the location does not have an associated time zone and the current user does, the user's time zone is used.
  • If neither the location nor the current user have an associated time zone, the system time zone is used.