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Appointment booking components

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Appointment booking components

The roles, properties, and tables for the appointment booking feature.

The Appointment Booking plugin (com.snc.appointment_booking) is activated automatically when you activate the Field Service Management plugin. A demo data plugin, Appointment Booking Demo Data (com.snc.appointment_booking_demo), is also available.
Warning: To use the appointment booking feature independent of Field Service Management, activate the following plugins in the specified order:
  1. Service Management Core plugin (com.snc.service_management.core)
  2. Appointment Booking plugin (com.snc.appointment_booking)
Activating these plugins in any other order can cause a data model issue.
Appointment booking adds the Appointment Booking menu to the application navigator and the following modules:
  • Appointment Booking Configuration: Use this module to create an appointment booking configuration for an application and then configurations for each service within that application.
  • Appointment Bookings: Use this module to view a list of appointments that have been booked for services. This list includes the work orders associated with each appointment.


Appointment booking adds the following roles.
Role Description
Appointment booking admin


Creates appointment booking configurations for services within an application.
Appointment booking manager


Creates and updates appointment booking records.
Appointment booking user


Books appointments for services from the Customer or Consumer Service Portal. This user can also reschedule or cancel appointments and view appointment details.


Appointment booking adds the following properties.
Property Description
sn_apptmnt_booking.max_new_appointments_daily The maximum number of appointments that a user can create daily. The upper limit is 100 appointments per day.
sn_apptmnt_booking.max_appointments_returned The maximum number of appointment availability windows displayed in the Select Appointment window.


Appointment booking adds the following tables.
Table Description
Appointment Booking Service Configuration


Stores service configuration records for appointment booking.
Appointment Booking Configuration


Stores application configurations records for appointment booking.
Appointment Bookings


Stores records for all appointments, including booked, rescheduled, and canceled appointments.