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Create a case or account escalation template

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Create a case or account escalation template

Create a template for each type of case or account escalation.

Before you begin

Role required: admin


  1. Navigate to Customer Service > Escalation Templates.
  2. Click New.
  3. Fill in the fields on the Escalation Template form, as needed.
    Table 1. Escalation Template form fields
    Field Description
    Name The name of the escalation template.
    Skip Escalation Approval Enable this check box to skip the need for approval. If skipped, escalations are automatically approved.
    Use Default Approval Workflow Enable this check box to use the default approval workflow (Escalation - Approval) provided with the escalation feature.

    If using the default approval workflow, select an Approval Group.

    Add Case Assignment Group Manager to Approvers For case escalation, enable this check box to add the manager of the case assignment group to the list of approvers.
    Approval Group If the Use Default Approval Workflow check box is enabled:
    • For the Case Escalation type, you can select an additional approval group.
    • For the Account Escalation type, you must select an approval group.
    Note: If there are no approvers, escalation requests are automatically approved.
    Escalation Approval Workflow The workflow used to approve escalation requests. Use the default Escalation-Approval workflow or select a different workflow.
    Type The type of escalation:
    • Case Escalation
    • Account Escalation
    Escalation Watch List Add users to the escalation template watch list. These users receive notifications for all escalations that use this escalation template.
    For an account escalation, the account team is automatically added to the watch list.
    Note: Users can also be added to the watch list on the escalation record.
  4. Click Submit.