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Request membership to a forum

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Request membership to a forum

You must be a registered member of the community to request membership to a forum that is marked for membership only.

Before you begin

Role required: sn_communities.community_user


  1. Perform either one of the following actions:
    • Navigate to Community > Homepage. Open Browse Community Forums and then select the forum.
    • Navigate to Community > All Forums and then select the forum in the list. If you requested membership earlier, the status of your request appears.
  2. Click Request Access.

    If approval is required, Status changes to Requested. You receive an approval or rejection email. If approved, you are immediately subscribed to the forum and Status changes to Private Member.

    If no approval is required, the request is auto-approved and Status changes to Private Member.

  3. To cancel a request, point to the Requested status and click Cancel.
  4. To leave a forum, click ... within the forum and then select Leave Forum.
    Status changes to Request Access.