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Migrate Social Q&A data to Communities

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Migrate Social Q&A data to Communities

If you want to migrate existing Social Q&A content to Communities, you can use a script to migrate the data.

Before you begin

Role required: sn_communities.admin

The Customer Communities plugin (com.sn_customer_communities) must be activated.


  1. Navigate to System Definition > Fix Scripts.
  2. Search for the script Migrate Social QA to Community and open it.
  3. To enable the script, select the Active check box and click Update.
    The script is deactivated by default.
  4. Click Run Fix Script.
    The Run Fix Script popup appears.
  5. Click Proceed in Background.
    Always use this option for long-running scripts, or if you do not know the expected execution time.
  6. Check the status of the fix script and review the results from the Show Progress Workers related list.

What to do next

Verify the following information.
  • A new forum is created for every knowledge base that has Social Q&A content.
  • All questions, answers, comments, helpful votes, and upvotes are migrated.
  • All view counts, answer counts, and comment counts are migrated.
  • The accepted solution to a question in Social Q&A is Marked as Correct Answer in Communities.
  • Social Q&A is deactivated for every knowledge base that Social Q&A data was migrated from. Social Q&A content is no longer visible for these knowledge bases.