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Manage a community event

Manage a community event

View additional response information on the event, edit or delete events, and download a guest list.

Before you begin

You must be a registered member of the community and have permission to read events (Event Read and Comment Write) to be able to respond to events.

Role required: sn_communities.community_user who created the event or sn_communities.admin.

About this task

You can access published events from several places within the community.


  1. From the community homepage, perform one of the following actions.
    • Navigate to the Content List.
    • Navigate to the Activity Feed.
    • Navigate to a forum or a topic.
    • Navigate to another user's community profile and click the Events tab.
    • Click Community > Events.
  2. Click an event.
    The Event details page displays the following information.
    Event header
    • View the name of the event, who created it, and when.
    • View how many community users are attending or maybe attending.
    • View how many community users declined the event.
    • View the number of spots still available in the event or your position on the waitlist.
    Event overview
    • When and where the event is taking place.
    • The description of the event.
    • The topics associated with the event.
    • Comments on the event.
    • The number of times the event has been viewed.
    Upcoming Events Shows the next five upcoming events.
    Popular Past Events Shows the top five most popular past events.
  3. (Optional) Click the ... icon.
  4. You have the following options.
    Edit Click Edit. The Update Event page opens. An email notification is sent to all community users who responded Yes, Maybe, or Waitlist.
    Delete Click Delete. A warning message appears asking if you are sure that to delete the event. An email notification is sent to all community users who responded Yes, Maybe, or Waitlist.
    Add to calendar An .ics file is downloaded that you can add to your calendar. The file includes the title and description of the event, the event location, start and end dates, the event time, and any attachments. If guests have chosen not to share their details, the information is not displayed in the file download.
    Bookmark The event appears in your bookmarks list on your profile page. If you have already bookmarked the event, you can click Remove Bookmark.
    Report content As a community admin, click Report content to report inappropriate content in the event.
    Download Guest List Download a .csv file of the guest list. View the file to see the list of community users attending the event, their RSVP status, and email address.

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