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Harvest knowledge from a community

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Harvest knowledge from a community

Harvest knowledge from a community and create structured knowledge articles from unstructured discussions around a question.

Before you begin

Knowledge harvesting must be enabled.

Role required: sn_communities.knowledge_harvester, sn_communities.admin, or sn_communities.moderation_admin

About this task

You can only harvest solved questions with accepted solutions into a knowledge article.


  1. From the Communities homepage, perform one of the following actions.
    • Go to the Content List.
    • Click a forum.
    • Search for a discussion thread (Question and Answer).
  2. Click Question State > Solved to filter for all discussions that can be converted into knowledge articles.
  3. Click a question.
  4. Click the ... icon and then Harvest Knowledge.
  5. Fill in the fields on the Harvest Knowledge form.
    Table 1. Harvest Knowledge form
    Field Description
    Short description The original question is automatically entered in the Short description field. You can edit the short description, as required.
    Attachments All attachments associated with the question and accepted solution are automatically added to the knowledge article. You can add and remove attachments.
    Text The body of the original question and accepted solution is automatically entered in the Text field. You can edit the text, as required.
    Knowledge base The knowledge base to which the knowledge article has been added. It is added by default based on the knowledge base associated to the forum from which article was harvested. If required, you can change the knowledge base.
    Category The category of the knowledge article. It is entered by default based on the category associated to the topic from which the article was harvested. If required, you can change the category.
    Number A KB (Knowledge Base) number is automatically assigned to the article. You cannot edit the Number field.
  6. Perform one of the following actions:
    ToDo this
    Publish Click Publish to initiate the workflow associated with the knowledge base.

    A link to the knowledge article is displayed on the community question from which it was harvested.

    A link to the community question and to the community profile of the person who answered the question is displayed in the knowledge article.
    Note: You can only see the links if you are a logged-in community user and have been assigned the correct permissions in the forum.
    Save Click Save to save the knowledge article as a draft. To publish the knowledge article at a later point in time, navigate to the platform UI and then Knowledge > Articles > Unpublished.
    Delete Click Delete to delete the knowledge article and all records associated with the KB number.