Post a document in a forum

If you have the proper permissions in a forum, you can share a document with colleagues, experts, or other community users. You can associate the document with as many topics as needed.

Before you begin

Role required: sn_communities.community_user


  1. While in a forum, click Post > Document and then fill in the form:
    Document title Enter a descriptive title for the document.
    Forum Read-only. The current forum is selected.
    Topics Select a topic from the list. Repeat for as many topics as needed.
    Attach document To attach a file, drag the file into the Attach Document box or click the box and then navigate to the file.
    • You can attach only one document.
    • Maximum file size is 5 MB.
    • Supported file types are listed.
    • Click the X to delete an attached file.
    Note: Your system administrator may have set a limit on the total number of attachments allowed across the community.
    Description Enter a useful description for the document.
  2. Click Post.
    The document appears in the forum. The author of a document can edit or delete the post.