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View a list of questions and create a case

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View a list of questions and create a case

To easily view questions that can potentially be converted to cases, the community portal provides a page with a list of questions created by contacts or consumers.

Before you begin

Role required: sn_customerservice_manager, sn_customerservice_agent, sn_customerservice.consumer_agent, sn_communities.admin, or a user with the proxy_case_creator role

About this task

This page displays questions from the forums to which the user has access.


  1. From the community portal, click Community > Questions to Case to open the list of questions.
    This list includes questions that have been posted by a contact or a consumer and for which a case has not yet been created.
  2. Use the filters on this page to filter the question list:
    • View questions for all forums or for the selected forum
    • View questions posted within the selected time frame: 7, 15, or 30 days
    • Sort by the most recent questions or older questions
    • Sort by the question status: all, solved, unsolved, or unreplied
  3. To create a case from one of the questions in the list, click a question to open the question page.
  4. Click the overflow icon (...) and then click Create Case to open a Create Case form.
    The Create Case action is available if a case has not yet been created from a question. Once a case has been created, this action is no longer available.
    Information from the question is mapped to the fields on the case.
  5. Enter any additional information in the fields on the Create Case form. For example, add Description for the case.
  6. If necessary, attach a file to the case.
  7. Click Submit.
    You are returned to the question content page. The case number appears in the question header after the case is created. The question author, the customer service agent or consumer service agent, or any user with the proxy_case_creator role can see the case number.

    The contact or consumer who posted the question can also view the case by navigating to My Cases on the Customer Service Portal or Consumer Service Portal.