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Leaderboard widgets

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Leaderboard widgets

Leaderboard widgets appear on the Community homepage and on forum and topic landing pages. These widgets display the users with the highest point totals within the community, forum, or topic.

The leaderboard widget shows the top five users. If there are more than five users that have earned points within the community, forum, or topic, Show Leaderboard appears at the bottom. Click this button to display all of the users on the leaderboard page.

Figure 1. Community forum leaderboard widget
Community forum leaderboard widget

For forums and topics, the leaderboard widget header displays the forum or topic name. When navigating to the leaderboard page from a forum/topic, the leaderboard shows the top point earners for that forum/topic.

System administrators can configure settings for the leaderboard widget:
  • The number of users displayed in the widget (default is 5, maximum is 10)
  • The time period (overall or current month)
  • The leaderboard type (community, forum, or topic)
  • Anchor to a specific forum or topic (not recommended)