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Gamification rules allow you to configure points that users receive for activities on the community.

Gamification includes several pre-defined rules. The gamification administrator can use these rules, modify them as needed, or create new rules. These pre-defined rules include:
  • Comment marked as helpful: 5 points
  • Document marked as helpful: 5 points
  • Video marked as helpful: 5 points
  • Blog marked as helpful: 5 points
  • Answer marked as helpful: 20 points
  • Document bookmarked: 20 points
  • Blog bookmarked: 20 points
  • Video bookmarked: 20 points
  • Answer marked correct for a question: 40 points

When a user performs an activity that has a gamification rule, the user profile identified in the rule receives points. Points received through a gamification rule can be configured to accumulate toward:

  • Overall points across the entire community
  • Points in forums associated with the activity
  • Points in topics associated with the activity
  • Points in a track
  • Points assigned for a combination of forums, topics, and tracks

If users revert previous activities, the points associated with these activities are removed. As an example, if a user is awarded points for posting a blog, those points are deducted when the blog is deleted.