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Users earn gamification points by performing activities in the community.

Users can earn points within a community, a forum, or a topic. As users accrue points, they achieve level ranges. Point totals appear on leaderboards and on user profiles, in the profile header, and in the Achievement tab. After points are awarded to a user, an entry appears at the top of the Points list and the user's point total is updated.

The Points list has a widget instance option to Show points for private forum.
  • When set to true, the point record displayed in the user profile does not show the forum name if the user performing the action does not have forum access. It displays "Private Forum" in place of the forum name.
  • When set to false, the point record does not display in the user profile.

The Points list also has a widget instance options for the Page size, which determines the number of results displayed in the list. If there are more results than the number specified in this option, a button to show additional results appears at the bottom of the points page.

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