Community homepage features for non-logged in users

Your community activity usually begins on the Community homepage. If you are a non-logged in user, you see different information than logged in users. Your organization can customize the homepage.

Community homepage for non-logged in users
Table 1. Community homepage for non-logged in users
No. UI component Description
1 Community announcement View announcements targeted to the entire community.
2 Sign up/Login Sign up or log in to the community.
3 Community menu Navigate to all forums, all topics, and other quick links.
4 Search Enter a search term. You can enter a keyword to use the type-ahead search or enter one or more words to view all search results.
5 Browse community forums Click the + icon to view available forums.
6 Question filter Filter by question to view solved, unsolved, and unreplied questions.
7 Content List View content posted in public forums in the community. You can filter according to content type, forum, and most recent or popular.
8 Why Join? View some of the advantages of joining the community.
9 View Leaderboard View the leaderboard to find community experts on specific forums or topics.
10 Ask a Question Click Ask a Question and a message appears indicating that you must be a logged-in user to perform this action. You can Login/Sign Up directly from here.
11 Topics Click a topic to navigate to a particular topic.
12 Show More View an expanded list of content available in the community.