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Encourage users to participate and contribute content in the community by providing incentives in the form of points, achievement levels, and badges.

Use the gamification framework to:
  • Configure point values associated with specific user activities.
  • Define achievement levels based on earned points.
  • Create and assign badges to recognize users.
Community administrators can:
  • Create rules and configure points that users receive for activities on the community.
  • Create tracks to logically separate points assigned in the communities into different areas.
  • Create levels in the community where users can achieve expertise or a reputation and then configure level ranges within each level definition.
  • Create badges to award to users for different achievements.
Community users can:
  • Perform activities and accrue points.
  • Achieve levels based on point totals.
  • View leaderboards to find community experts on specific forums or topics.
  • See their own standing within the community.
  • See gamification achievements on their user profiles.