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Administer create case from discussion

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Administer create case from discussion

Configure parameters for the case generated from the community discussion so that it can be routed accordingly.

Creating a case from a discussion requires a configuration that maps information from the question in the community to fields on the Case form. The Create Case configuration is included with the feature. This configuration defines the source and destination tables and maps source fields to destination fields. This configuration is stored in the CSM Table Map table [csm_table_map]. The system administrator can modify this configuration as needed.

The Create Case configuration uses the Social Q&A Question table [kb_social_qa_question] as the source table and the Case table [sn_customerservice_case] as the destination table. It includes the following mapping information.

Question information Case information
Question Short description
Question author Contact or consumer
Question author's account Account
Opened by Logged in community user
Priority Low (priority = 4)
Channel Community

To create additional mapping between these tables, add the additional fields to the Create Case configuration in the CSM Table Map table. Include these fields as needed on the Create case from question record producer.