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vCenter API User Privileges

vCenter API User Privileges

To determine the user privileges required by the VMware activity that logs into vCenter:

About this task

Determining Privileges


  1. Navigate to the VMware API documentation.
  2. In the vCenter API page, select All Types in the left navigation menu.
    RBA VMware Privileges 1
  3. Click U-Z in the API index that appears.
    RBA VMware Privileges 2
  4. Select VirtualMachine in the index.

    Information appears about a VirtualMachine object in the API.

  5. Select Local Methods from the navigation menu at the top of the page.
    RBA VMware Privileges 3
  6. Click the following methods to see the required vCenter login privileges:
    • CloneVM_Task: No privileges are required.
    • CustomizeVM_Task: Requires VirtualMachine.Provisioning.Customize
    • PowerOnVM_Task: Requires VirtualMachine.Interact.PowerOn
    RBA VMware Privileges 4