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JavaScript debug window

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JavaScript debug window

The JavaScript debug window appears in a bottom pane of the user interface when an administrator turns on debugging.

Use the debug window to access these tools.

  • JavaScript Log: JavaScript that runs on the browser, such as client scripts, can include a call to jslog() to send information to the JavaScript log.
  • Field Watcher: a tool that tracks and displays all actions that the system performs on a selected form field.
Figure 1. JavaScript debug window
JavaScript debug window

Using the JavaScript debug window

The JavaScript debug window enables access to the JavaScript Log and the Field Watcher tools.

About this task

The steps to access the JavaScript debug window depend on which UI version you are using.


  1. Open the JavaScript debug window by navigating to the appropriate location for your version of the UI.
    1. Click the gear icon in the banner frame.
    2. Click the Developer section.
    3. Toggle the JavaScript Log and Field Watcher switch.
    1. Click the gear icon in the banner frame.
    2. Click JavaScript Log and Field Watcher.
    UI11 Click the debug icon (The debug icon) in the banner frame.
    The JavaScript debug window opens at the bottom of the screen. The tab that is currently active in the window is the last tab that was active when the window was closed.
  2. Click a tab to use one of the debug window features.
    • JavaScript Log
    • Field Watcher