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Perl API attachment

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Perl API attachment

The ServiceNow Perl API - Attachment perl module is an object representation of an Attachment in the ServiceNow platform. Provides subroutines for creating an attachment and attaching to an existing record.

Constructor - new



$task = ServiceNow::Attachment->new($CONFIG);

Takes a configuration object and manufactures an Task object connected to the ServiceNow instance

Subroutines - create

create(path, table_name, sys_id)


$attachment->create("/Users/davidloo/Desktop/test_files/number_test.xls", "incident", "9d385017c611228701d22104cc95c371");

Creates an attachment from a file on the local disk, to an existing record defined by table_name and sys_id Returns the sys_id of the ecc_queue record, undef if failed