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Testing REST message HTTP methods

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Testing REST message HTTP methods

After configuring an HTTP method for an outbound REST message, you can test it to ensure that the request is valid and the response returns as expected.

To test an HTTP method, click the Test related link on the HTTP Method form.

Each test run displays the response status, such as 200 for a successful GET request, the full endpoint URL, any parameters passed in the request, and the response body.
Note: Fields on the Test Runs form are for information only; changes to these fields do not apply to the REST message or HTTP method. Do not modify these values when testing different REST message configurations. Instead, update the REST message or HTTP method, then run a new test.

If the HTTP method includes variables, the Test value for each variable in the Variable Substitutions related list is used when testing the method.

Completed test runs for an HTTP method appear in the Test Runs related list. If there was an error during the request, the Error Code and Error Message fields appear.