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Using forms to limit or extend the query response

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Using forms to limit or extend the query response

On occasion, there is a need to limit the number of field values being returned from a SOAP query (get or getRecords) invocation.

Specifying a form view has the effects of:

  1. limiting the response elements to contain only the fields on the view
  2. specifying reference record field values from referenced fields eg., this will cause the value of the caller's email to be returned in the SOAP response

To enable form views for SOAP queries, you may configure the property com.glide.soap.view to be the name of the view you wish to use for all SOAP query response (the default issoap_response). You may also specify the view name as a URL parameter sysparm_view=<view name> when making the SOAP call, for example:

https://<instance name>

If a specified view name does not exist, the default behavior is to respond with all fields.