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SOAP web service

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SOAP web service

The SOAP Web Services provided by ServiceNow are WS-I compliant, as outlined in the WS-I Basic Profile 1.0.

Concepts and Terminology

  • Provider - publishes web service for clients to invoke (consume)
  • Consumer - invokes / consumes published web service
  • Standards
    • WSDL
      • Web Service Description Language
      • XML document describing functions, arguments, data schema, and endpoint (where / how to invoke the service, URL)
      • WSDL only necessary when generating SOAP envelope programmatically
    • SOAP
      • Simple Object Access Protocol
      • XML document usually HTTP posted to web service endpoint described in WSDL
      • SOAP:Envelope / SOAP:Header / SOAP:Body
    • HTTP
      • Hyper-Text Transfer Protocol
      • POST vs GET - Web Service is POSTed
      • XML vs. Form POST - Web Service is XML

Web Service Provider

ServiceNow publishes its underlying table structures and associated data with the following Web Service methods:
  • Direct Web Services: Use a URL query to request a ServiceNow table's WSDL.
  • Web Service Import Sets: Use import tables and transform maps to automate Web Service requests to ServiceNow tables.
  • Scripted Web Services: Use custom JavaScript to execute Web Services requests.
Note: SOAP messages are sent with the assumption that the recipient is XML compliant. No encoding is applied to the SOAP message. SOAP always decodes responses as UTF-8, the XML encoding header is not used.