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Code reviews

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Code reviews

Team Development administrators can require that pushes undergo code review before accepting pushes.

When code review is enabled, pushing a change to the parent instance triggers the code review workflow. By default, users with the teamdev_code_reviewer role receive notifications to review changes and can approve or reject changes. The Team Development Code Reviewers has the teamdev_code_reviewer role.

For each change, reviewers can see the following information.
  • Which remote instance the pushed change comes from.
  • Who pushed the change to the parent.
  • What the change is called.
  • When the change was created.
  • Which versions the change includes.

Reviewers must approve or reject a push from the Team Development application.

While changes are being reviewed on the parent instance, a child instance cannot do the following activities involving the parent instance:
  • Push changes to the parent instance.
  • Pull changes from the parent instance.
  • Reconcile changes with the parent instance.
  • Change the parent instance to another instance.
  • Delete the remote instance record for the parent instance.