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Update set transfers

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Update set transfers

When an update set is completed, you can transfer it between instances to move customizations from development, through testing, and into production.

Note: Properties that are tagged as Private are excluded from update sets. Keeping system properties private prevents settings in one instance from overwriting values in another instance. For example, you may not want a system property in a production instance to use a particular value from a development instance.

Transferring with IP access control

If IP address access control is enabled on the source instance or the source instance resides in a different datacenter than the target instance, complete these tasks before transferring an update set:
  1. Contact ServiceNow Technical Support to find out the IP addresses of all application nodes supporting your instance.
  2. On the source instance, navigate to System SecurityIP Address Access Control.Add the IP address from step one as an exception.

Transferring with basic authentication

If the source instance has basic authentication turned on for SOAP requests, you must use valid credentials to retrieve update sets.

Transferring with an XML file

You can unload an update set as an XML file and then transfer it to another instance. See Save an update set as a local XML file for details.