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Create the category and table

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Create the category and table

After the request has been submitted, a catalog administrator can approve or reject the request.

About this task

Approving the request creates a new table for the service category, adds an application to the application navigator using the Category name as the application label, and sets the State of the service category to Published to Catalog.


  1. Navigate to Service Creator > Category Requests.
  2. Open a record with a State of Requested.
  3. Review the requested service category. ServiceNow provides a suggested Table name based on the Department.
    • If a service category exists with the specified category name or table name, a message appears under that field. Use a unique value for these fields.
  4. Click Create Category and Table to approve the request or Reject to reject the request.
    If notifications are enabled for the instance, the service category Manager is notified of the approval or rejection.
    Service Creator Approve Category

    After publishing the service category, you can access the new table by navigating to the new application in the application navigator, or by clicking the View Task List related link on the Service Category form.