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Service creator process

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Service creator process

The service creator process involves requesting and publishing a service category, designating editors and service fulfillers, creating and publishing services, and submitting and fulfilling service requests.

Request and publish a service category

A user, typically the department manager, can request a service category for the department. This user provides high-level information regarding the service category, such as the name, the department, and the manager for the service category.

A catalog administrator can approve the request which publishes the service category, creates a ServiceNow application for managing service requests associated with the category, and creates system components for the application.

Designate editors and service fulfillers

After a service category is published, the associated manager designates editors and service fulfillers. Editors can create and modify services within that service category. Service fulfillers can complete tasks that are generated by service requests.

The manager, editors, and service fulfillers must be members of the department the service category belongs to.

Create and publish services

The manager and editors create services within a service category. The service design interface provides a work area for creating and modifying services.

When the service is complete, the manager publishes the service to the service catalog.

Submit and fulfill service requests

End users can request published services by submitting a service catalog request. This request creates a new task record within the service category application. Service fulfillers then complete the task to fulfill the service request.