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Set application access

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Set application access

Define what data other applications can access from this application.

About this task

By default, new applications have the following design and runtime access settings.
  • Allow scripts runtime access other applications with Runtime Access Tracking.
  • Allow developers to create configuration records for tables from other applications.
  • Allow administrators to access application data without scoped administration.
By default, new application tables have the following design and runtime access settings:
  • Allow runtime access to read table data.
  • Allow web service access to table data.
  • Hide the application table during design-time configuration.


  1. Navigate to System Applications > Applications.
  2. Open the application record.
  3. From the Design and Runtime section, set the JavaScript Mode, Runtime Access Tracking and Restrict Table Choices options as necessary.
  4. Scroll to the Tables related list.
  5. Select the table for which you want to configure access settings.
  6. From the Application Access section, set the runtime and design-time access permissions:
    • Run-time settings: determine whether the system allows or denies access to the application data tables at run-time.
    • Design-time settings: determine whether other application developers can create application files for your application table.
  7. Click Update.