Application File form

Use the Application File form to view relationships between applications and configuration records.

Table 1. Application File form fields
Field Description
Display name Display name for the configuration record.
Update name Unique identifier for the configuration record. This value is used to identify versions and updates of the record.
Class Table that contains the configuration record.
Application Application that contains the configuration record.
Protection policy Policy that determines if the configuration record is protected from changes. See Protected Application Files.
Created Creation date of the configuration record.
Created by User who created the configuration record.
Updated Last update date for the configuration record.
Updated by User who last updated the configuration record.
Related Record Versions Version records for the related configuration record. A version record is created every time a user changes the related record. Use this list to compare versions of the configuration record or to revert to a previous version. See Versions.
Related Record Updates Local update records for the related configuration record. An update record is created for the most recent change to the related record in a given Update Set. See Update Sets.