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Add a predefined list of steps (template) to an automated test

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Add a predefined list of steps (template) to an automated test

With test templates you can add a predefined list of steps to a test. Any list of steps that follows a set pattern makes a good candidate for a template.

Before you begin

Role required: [atf_test_admin] or [atf_test_designer]. You must have created the test to which you want to add steps.

About this task

Many tests follow similar patterns. One common pattern, for example, is to open a form, set some field values, validate some field values, click a UI action, and submit the current form. If a template exists containing these steps, you can add them to a test all at once. The Automated Test Framework comes with default templates. You can also create custom test templates.


  1. Navigate to Automated Test Framework > Tests.
  2. Click the row for the test to which you want to add steps.
    The system displays the Test form.
  3. On the Test Steps related list, click Add Test Template.
    The system displays the Add a test template dialog.
  4. From the Table field, select the table you want to test with these steps.
  5. From the Template field, select the template containing the steps you want to add.
  6. Click Add.
    The system adds the template steps to the test. It also adds to the test description a set of instructions on how to complete the test from this template.
  7. Following the instructions in the test description, edit each step added by the template to include the necessary information.

What to do next

Proceed to edit or save the test as you normally would.