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Pass values from one automated test step to another

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Pass values from one automated test step to another

Assign a form field the value of an output variable returned from a previous step.

Before you begin

Role required: [atf_test_admin] . You must have a previous test step that returns an appropriate output variable.


  1. To the right of the field whose value you want to assign, click the input value icon( )
    The input value mapping control lists previous steps that create output variables. If no previous steps create output variables, the control displays the message: There are no elements to show.
  2. Click the row for the step that contains the output variable you want to use as an input.
  3. Click the output variable you want to use.
    If the output variable is an id for a glide record, the control displays a tree picker providing access to fields for this record.
  4. Navigate through the tree picker hierarchy until you find and select the value you want.