Create a basic auth profile using the Automated Test Framework

Create basic auth profiles to specify basic authentication credentials for Send Request - Inbound test steps.

Before you begin

Role required: web_service_admin

About this task

The user name and password must be valid credentials on the instance where the tests using the profile are run.


  1. Navigate to Automated Test Framework > Tests.
  2. Select a test that uses a Send Request - Inbound step.
  3. Select a Send Request - Inbound step.
  4. In the Basic authentication field, select the hour glass to look up the available profiles.
  5. On the Basic Auth Configurations form, select New.
  6. In the Name field, enter a name for the profile.
  7. In the Username field, enter a user name.
  8. In the Password field, enter a password.
  9. Click Submit.