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Automated Test Framework Suites module

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Automated Test Framework Suites module

The Suites module opens the Test Suites table. You can create, edit, and run test suites from this table.

Test Suite record

The Test suite record contains information about one test suite.

Table 1. Fields
Field / Element Description
Name The name of the test suite.
Active To make this test suite active, check this field.
Description (Optional) Enter a description to identify the purpose of this test suite.
Application The application scope in which the system runs this test or test suite.
Parent Suite To make this test suite a child of another test suite, enter the name of the parent test suite here.
Test Suite Tests (related list) The tests included in this test suite.
Child Test Suites (related list) Any test suites that are children of this test suite.
Test Suite Results (related list) Results from executing this test suite.
Test Suite Schedules (related list) Any test suite schedules that include this test suite.