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Server test step: Run Server Side Script

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Server test step: Run Server Side Script

Executes a script on the server.

Table 1. Inputs
Field Description
Execution Order An integer specifying the order in which this step executes.

As you create steps, the system automatically assigns each step an incremental value. This causes the test to execute steps in the order in which you created them. You can change this default order by editing the Execution Order values.

Active If this step is active, true. Otherwise, false.
Application The application scope in which the system runs this test or test suite.
Test (Read only.) The test to which this step belongs.
Step config (Read only.) The test step for this form.
The script to execute. The javascript for the server to execute. Supports the Jasmine testing framework.
Note: If the script creates data, the system rolls back that data after all steps in the test finish.