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Server test step: Impersonate

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Server test step: Impersonate

Impersonate the specified user for the test.

Impersonate specifies a user for executing subsequent steps in this test. It works for both server-side and browser-side steps and stays in effect until changed with another Impersonate step or until the test ends. The impersonation automatically ends when the test is over.
  • Do not impersonate a user with the test author role. Doing so can lead to conflicts that interfere with executing the test.
  • Do not rely on user IDs being consistent across different instances. The system dynamically assigns users IDs so the ID for a particular user often differs from one instance to the next.
  • When exporting and importing automated tests, keep in mind that update sets do not update the user field.
Table 1. Inputs
Field Description
Execution Order An integer specifying the order in which this step executes.

As you create steps, the system automatically assigns each step an incremental value. This causes the test to execute steps in the order in which you created them. You can change this default order by editing the Execution Order values.

Active If this step is active true. Otherwise, false.
Test (Read only.) The test to which this step belongs.
Step config (Read only.) The test step for this form.
User The user ID for the user to impersonate.
Table 2. Outputs
Field Description
user The user id of the user impersonated.