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Server test step: Custom Scripted StepConfig

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Server test step: Custom Scripted StepConfig

Provides an example of scripts for a custom step configuration.

This example checks if the user name provided starts with the letter A. This step is useful primarily to users with the [atf_test_admin] role. Users with the [atf_test_admin] role can view the example scripts by opening the record for this step in the Automated Test Framework Step Configurations module.
Table 1. Inputs
Field Description
Execution Order An integer specifying the order in which this step executes.

As you create steps, the system automatically assigns each step an incremental value. This causes the test to execute steps in the order in which you created them. You can change this default order by editing the Execution Order values.

Active If this step is active, true. Otherwise, false.
Application The application scope in which the system runs this test or test suite.
Test (Read only.) The test to which this step belongs.
Step config (Read only.) The test step for this form.
User The user whose name the system checks to see if it starts with the letter A. To include the value of an output variable from a previous step, click input value icon( ) and follow the procedure to Pass values from one automated test step to another.