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REST test step: Assert Response Payload

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REST test step: Assert Response Payload

Assert the HTTP response payload has the specified relationship to the specified value. You specify the value and the relationship.

Assert steps must immediately follow a Send REST Request - Inbound step. You can have multiple REST assert steps following a Send REST Request - Inbound step, but the assert steps cannot be separated from the Send REST Request - Inbound step by steps from other test categories.

Note: The entire payload is used to look for a match. A large payload can affect performance.
Table 1. Inputs
Field Description
Execution Order An integer specifying the order in which this step executes.

As you create steps, the system automatically assigns each step an incremental value. This causes the test to execute steps in the order in which you created them. You can change this default order by editing the Execution Order values.

Active If this step is active true. Otherwise, false.
Application The application scope in which the system will run this step.
Test (Read only.) The test to which this step belongs.
Step config (Read only.) The test step for this form.
Operation Select the relationship between the response body and the value you specify.
Response body The value of the response body to use in the test.

Must contain the name and value to be compared as it appears in the response payload. The field must not contain any curly braces.

This field is not shown if the operation is is not empty.

To check the short description in the response payload
{"result":{"number":"INC0010040","short_description":"Test ATF Incident"}}
the Response body should contain
"short_description":"Test ATF Incident"
These formats are incorrect and the step fails.
  • {"short_description":"Test ATF Incident"}
  • "{"short_description":"Test ATF Incident"}"
  • short_description: Test ATF Incident
  • short_description:"Test ATF Incident"