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Software installations discovered

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Software installations discovered

The Software Installations list contains the software installed in your organization and is automatically populated by discovery.

Installed software is placed in the Software Installation [cmdb_sam_sw_install] table by Discovery, and a primary key is built (using Publisher, Display Name, and Version fields).

Discovery then automatically matches the discovered software installation with a new or existing software discovery model using the primary key.
Table 1. Software Installation form
Field Description
Display name Name of the software installation as it appears in the record lists. Can be a combination of the discovered product name and edition.
Discovery model Software discovery model that represents the installed software.
Publisher Publisher of the software.
Version Version of the software.
Edition Override Override of the software edition setting.

If the edition for the software was not discovered, you can edit this field to set the edition, if known, so reconciliation can be performed successfully.

For more information, see Manually override edition value.

Prod id Unique ID for the product assigned by the manufacturer. Found through discovery.
Install location Reserved for third-party integration support. This field is not populated by default.
Install date Date that the software was installed.
Revision Revision of the software.
Instance key Unique ID for the instantiation of the software. Automatically generated when the software is installed.
Installed on Hardware on which the software is installed.
Uninstall string Identifier used to uninstall the software.
ISO serial number ISO number of the software.
Entitlement The entitlement found to use with this installation.
Inferred suite The inferred suite model this installation belongs to.
Omit from suites Check box to omit counting the software install as a component of a suite during reconciliation.