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Software Asset Management overview

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Software Asset Management overview

New functionality, roles, tables, scripts, UI policies, and business rules are added with this application.

Software Asset Management functionality consists of these main feature areas.

You can view the software installation results for your environment in the form of statistics and charts on the Software Asset Management dashboard.

Feature area Description
Licensing Software models created for all installed software products are used to tie software installations (software being used) with entitlements (software owned).

Entitlements define license details and are assigned to software models.

Discovery A discovery process is used to discover the software installed in your environment.
  • Discovery
  • Microsoft SCCM

A software discovery model is then matched to discovered software installations.

Normalization The normalization process compares the discovered publisher, discovered product, and discovered version values against the ServiceNow repository of normalized equivalents.
  • OOB Normalization Library
  • Optional Software Asset Management content service that updates the Normalization Library with pattern normalization rules

Normalized fields are then used to match up entitlements purchased.

Reconciliation The reconciliation process calculates the compliance status of software products with respect to discovery and entitlements.

Reclamation candidates are generated for unused software that can be used to reclaim software rights.

Optimization The reclamation process remediates non-compliance by uninstalling software from devices and reclaiming those software rights.

This process can be automated using Client Software Distribution (CSD).

To purchase additional licenses, you can create a purchase order directly with Procurement integration.