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Legacy: Create a chat room for a task

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Legacy: Create a chat room for a task

How to start a legacy chat with multiple users from a task record.

About this task

Note: This procedure is not possible if the Connect feature is enabled.


  1. Open the record (example, an incident on which you are working).
    Figure 1. Chat task link
    Chat task link
  2. Click the Create or Join Chat Room related link.
  3. If a chat room already exists, click a name to join the existing chat room. If no chat room exists, continue to the next step to create a new room.
    Figure 2. Chat task open
    Chat task open
  4. Click the create link at the bottom of the window.
  5. Enter the room details as you would for a chat room.
  6. Click Create Room. An email notification is sent and appears in the favorites list for all invited users (the assignment group and the watch list, if selected, and additional invited users).
  7. In the New Room Created message, click Join Room.
    • A new chat window opens on your chat desktop.
    • All invited users are listed in the chat member list. Invited users that are not currently participating in the chat are listed in gray.