Use Live Feed with UI11

Using Live Feed with UI11 requires the UI11-Navpage layout with multiple panes plugin.

  1. If you do not see a gray toolbar on the left side of the screen (called your edge), click the Switch to the new UI link in the banner.
  2. Navigate to Collaborate > Live Feed.
  3. Drag the Live Feed module to the edge.
  4. Point to the bookmark on your edge. When the tip window appears, click Edit Bookmark.
  5. Select the Flyout check box.
  6. Click Update.
    • You can now access live feed in a flyout window without navigating away from your working panes.
    • Notifications appear on the edge when new messages are posted in your My Feed.
      Figure 1. UI11 notification
      UI11 notification
    • When you open the bookmark, a blue circle appears beside new messages.
      Figure 2. UI11 new message
      UI11 new message