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Create a live feed team

Create a live feed team

When you create a team, you become the team administrator.

About this task


  1. Navigate to Collaborate > Live Feed.
  2. In the sidebar, click your profile picture, then select the Teams tab.
  3. Click Create Team.
    New team
  4. Enter a Name to appear at the top of the feed and in messages posted to the team.
    This name links to the team feed.
  5. Enter a Description to appear at the top of the feed and under the team name in the list of all teams.
  6. Select the access level for the team:
    • Public Team: In the list of all teams, any user can see the name of this team. Any user can also see the feed and join the team. Messages in a public team appear in the Company Feed with a link to the team feed.
    • Private Team: In the list of all teams, any user can see the name of this team, but not the feed. Messages in private teams do not appear on the Company Feed.

      When Private Team is selected, the Show this team for anyone to find and request to join check box is displayed. Select this check box to allow any user to search for this team and request to join it. Clear the check box to allow only invited users to see the feed and join the team.

  7. Click Create.
    The team is created with you as the team administrator.
    Newly created team
    Note: A team administrator can create one or more group feeds specifically for the members of this team by clicking the Group Feeds tab and Create Group Feed. Additionally, the team can be invited to join a feed. Having multiple feeds for the team facilitates focused discussions on topics of interest to the team and allows the team to selectively invite other teams and members to collaborate on specific feeds.

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