Configure Connect Support widget instance options

You can control the appearance of your widget and how it functions by configuring the instance options.

Before you begin

Role required: admin


  1. Navigate to Service Portal > Service Portal Configuration and open the Service Portal Designer.
  2. From the Service Portal Designer, select the page you added the Connect Support widget to. If you have not yet added the widget to a page, see Create a page using the Service Portal Designer for more information.
  3. Click the edit icon in the corner of the widget to open the instance options menu.
  4. Complete the fields using the table below. Depending on the functionality you want to add, you may not need to add all of these fields. For example, if you include the Queue ID, you don't also need to include the Queue Name or the Queue URL.
    Table 1. Connect Support widget instance options
    Field Description
    Bootstrap color Select a color for your widget from a list of common bootstrap colors. Themes control the overall color of a widget, but if you want your widget to be a specific color, you can select it from the list.
    Queue URL The URL for the Connect Support chat queue that you want questions to be directed to. For example, htts://<$<sys_id>
    Queue Name The name of the queue you want the questions to be directed to. You can find a list of queue names in Collaborate > Connect Support > Queues.
    Queue ID The sys_id of the queue you want questions to be directed to. You can find this by going to the support queue and either copying the queue ID from the support link, or by selecting Copy sys_id from the context menu.
    Message The text for the button in the Connect Support widget
    Window Use this option to open the chat in another tab rather than in a new window.
    Title The name in the widget header