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Configure content types

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Configure content types

You can configure content types for the service catalog.

You can use service catalog properties to configure content types, which are also called widgets.

To view service catalog properties, navigate to Service Catalog > Catalog Administration > Properties.

Navigate to System UI > Widgets to see a list of content types available.

Enable content types for the Service Catalog

By default, only service catalog categories are displayed on the service catalog homepage.

To select additional content types, add these types in a comma-separated list in the List of content types (comma-separated) to allow on the catalog homepage property (

For example, to include service catalog categories and gauges, set the property to Catalog Categories, Gauges.

Display the expand/collapse icon

By default, the expand / collapse icon is not displayed for categories on the service catalog homepage.

To display this icon on the left of each category, select the Yes check box that appears next to the Toggle whether the expand/collapse icon is rendered for category widgets on the service catalog homepage property (

Figure 1. Service Catalog expand/collapse icon enabled