Knowledge Management Service Portal pages

The Knowledge Management Service Portal includes a homepage, a search results page, and an article view page.

The Knowledge Management Service Portal landing page. This page includes a search bar, knowledge bases, and lists of knowledge articles.
  • Users can search for information, explore knowledge bases, and view featured articles.
  • Administrators can customize the page layout, add knowledge bases, and add article collections (for example, a list of the most viewed articles).
Search results page
This page displays a list of search results and includes several options for sorting and filtering the information.
  • Users can sort and filter search results in multiple ways.
  • Administrators can customize the page layout, configure the sort and filter widgets to use any field on the Knowledge (kb_knowledge) table, and also configure the filter widgets to use custom queries.
Article view page
This page displays the selected knowledge article or social Q&A item.
  • Users can view articles and provide comments and ratings. If enabled, users can subscribe to articles, view article versions, and create incidents for articles that are rated as not helpful. Users can also view and edit questions and provide comments or answers.
  • Administrators can customize the page layout and enable or disable user actions, such as creating an incident for an article. Administrators can also activate the plugins to enable article versioning and article subscriptions.