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Apply CMDB remediation

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Apply CMDB remediation

Manually initiate a workflow to remediate a CI that failed a CMDB health test. For example, you can remediate CIs that are orphan or stale.

Before you begin

To manually apply a CMDB remediation, a CMDB remediation rule must exist, in which Execution is set to Manual.

Role required: itil_admin

About this task

Except for the duplicate and audit health metrics, you can choose to create tasks for health test failures for a metric.

To remediate failures of the duplicate metric, use de-duplication tasks.

For all metrics except for audit, each CI that failed a metric test is associated with a single task. Because a CI can fail multiple audits, a single CI can be associated with multiple audit tasks. The first of those tasks is in the Task field, and any additional tasks are in the Additional Tasks field. To remediate failures of the audit metric, refer to the audit tasks for the audits that the CI failed.


  1. Navigate to Configuration > CMDB Dashboard, and then click CMDB View, Service View, or Group View.
  2. Click on one of the bars in a bar chart on the page. Or, click on a metric tile that is associated with the remediation that you want to apply, and then in a detailed report click on a bar in a bar chart. For example, to remediate an orphan CI, click the Completeness tile.
  3. In the Task column in the CMDB Health Results list, select the task that is associated with the CI that you want to remediate. Hover over the information icon () for a result record to display the CMDB Health Results dialog box with more details about the health test.
    The CMDB Health Results list contains records only for the CIs that failed a metric test.
    Table 1.
    Field Column
    CI The CI associated with the test results.
    Class Name The CI’s class.
    Description Details about the reasons for the CI failing the metric test.
    Last Evaluated On Time that the CI was evaluated for the metric, and which resulted in failure.
    Metric The CMDB Health metric associated with this test result.
    Source Source of the health test failure:
    • CMDB Health Audit: Corresponds to the dashboard
    • Cloud discovery
    Task The task associated with the health test failure. For the audit metric, if there are multiple failures, then only the first task is listed.
    Additional Tasks If there are multiple tasks related to the audit metric, contains all tasks other than the first which is in the Task field.
    Active Used internally in combination with the To Delete field to determine the correct results set that this failure belongs to.
    To Delete Used internally in combination with the Active field to determine the correct results set that this failure belongs to.
  4. On the task form, click Remediate.
  5. In the Run Remediations dialog box, select the remediation rule that you want to apply.
    The list of remediation rules is based on the type of health metric (such as orphan, stale), and on the filter defined in the rule.
  6. Click Execute.