Simulate payload processing using identification simulation

Use identification simulation to simulate the identification engine process of CI identification for an input payload. Provide a valid payload, which was constructed using identification simulation or that was created manually.

Before you begin

Role required: itil


  1. Navigate to Configuration > Identification/Reconciliation, and click Identification Simulation.
  2. To execute an existing payload:
    1. Click Start in the Start with Existing Payload tile.
    2. In the Source field, select the data source that is associated with this class update.
    3. Paste the JSON payload into the empty canvas.
  3. Or, to construct a new payload click Start in the Start with CI Class tile. See Automatically generate payload using identification simulation for more information.
  4. Click Execute to simulate processing of the payload by the identification engine.

What to do next

  1. Examine the results of the simulation in the results pane, and fine-tune the payload as needed:
    1. Click Run #1 to display the Context ID and the Run ID of the simulated run.
    2. Click the drop down arrow next to Run #1 to display additional details.
      • Input: Displays the payload for the simulation.
      • Logs: Displays all the logged messages that the identification engine generated while simulating processing of the payload, according to the specified logging level.
      • Output: Displays the output payload returned by the identification engine.
  2. After finalizing the payload, use the createOrUpdateCI() API to execute the payload by the identification engine which will result in actual updates to the CMDB.