Create health inclusion rule

You can narrow the scope of CIs that are included in health calculations by defining health inclusion rules. Health inclusion rules can be specified per domain.

Before you begin

Role required: itil_admin (on top of itil)

About this task

Evaluation for the required, orphan, recommended, and staleness health metrics, will apply only to CIs that satisfy health inclusion rules. For the duplicate metric, Identification inclusion rules are used for that purpose.

In the base system, there are no predefined health inclusion rules, in which case all CIs are included in the CMDB Health calculations.


  1. Navigate to Configuration > CI Class Manager.
  2. Select Advanced and then click Health Inclusion Rules.
  3. Select a class in the Class Hierarchy for which to edit or create the rule for.
  4. In the CMDB Health Configuration page, click on an existing rule to edit, or click New.
  5. On the Inclusion List page, select the metrics that the rule applies to. Move items in the Applies to metric slushbucket from the Available list to the Selected list.
  6. Under All of these conditions must be met, specify the criteria that CIs must meet to be included in the evaluation for the specified health metrics.
  7. Click Submit.