Tables installed with Identification and Reconciliation

Identification and Reconciliation uses the following tables.
Table Description


Identification rule sets defined for different classes of CIs.
Data Source Definition


Reconciliation rules defined for different classes of CIs at the table and field level.
Identifier Entry


Rule entries with different priorities assigned to each identifier.
Data Source Precedence


Priorities of data sources that are authorized to update the same CI types or CI type with same sets of attributes.
Duplicate Audit Result


Duplicate audit results corresponding to a specific duplicate task. These results are generated automatically during the identification process and should not be added manually..
Reconcile Duplicate Task


Task to address duplication that is detected during the identification process. Records are generated automatically, and users should not add records manually.
Reclassification Task


Reclassification tasks that were generated during the identification process.
Data Source History


Information about the last data source that updated each attribute. Used to determine if a data source can update a stale CI.
Data Source Staleness Definition


Effective duration per data source. When effective duration is exceeded, then CMDB Health determines that the information provided by that data source is stale.
Identification Engine Context


Input payload, and data source (cmdb_ci’s discovery_source) that will be used as input for a specific identification engine API. Also information about which specific identification engine API will be called (identifyCI or createOrUpdateCI API).
Identification Engine Run


Specific cmdb_ie_context record that was used to run against the identification engine. Also details about the output payload returned by APIs, such as start and end time of the run and whether the run was successful.
Identification Engine Log


Identification engine logs for a specific cmdb_ie_run run. Also details about logs level and order.