Create a new DSN

Using the ODBC driver and the ServiceNow data source, you can create an unlimited number of DSNs configured to connect with different instance URLs.

About this task

This allows the flexibility of selecting the target instance for your ODBC connection by DSN name. As an option during installation or upgrade, you can elect to keep the DSNs when you uninstall.


  1. In Windows, navigate to Start > Programs > Service-now ODBC > ODBC Administrator.
  2. To create a system DSN, select the System DSN tab, and then click Add.
    Add an ODBC DSN
  3. Select ServiceNow ODBC driver 32-bit from the list, and then click Finish.
  4. Configure the driver and its connection URL by specifying the url= parameter value in the Custom Properties field. For example:
    ODBC DSN driver setup
  5. Click OK.


You can now use the new driver.