Upgrade History module: Track every upgrade

The Upgrade History module tracks every upgrade that has been made to an instance. Administrators can use the module to resolve upgrade conflicts and optionally to revert customizations to base system versions to take advantage of new features.

An upgrade history record is created for each upgrade that is run. To view an upgrade history record, navigate to System Diagnostics > Upgrade History and click the upgrade.

Table 1. Upgrade History record
Field Description
From Name of the previous .war file (version).
To Name of the applied .war file (version).
Upgrade started Time stamp when the upgrade process began.
Upgrade finished Time stamp when the upgrade process was completed.

Review Skipped Records form section

The Upgrade Details list displays each record that was skipped during the upgrade process. Use the list to review the reason for each skipped record in the list and then either merge your customization or revert your customization to the base system.